Jenny Everywhere and the Case of the Infinite House

I’ve been trying to run a Doctor Who inspired (set of) game(s) lately. While doing so, I’m finding that I would like to expand, but don’t want to deal with the licensing. This led to the concept of the Infinite House – which I will explore in more detail elsewhere. In short, the Infinite House takes the “you can go anywhen/where” vibe of Doctor Who, mixes in the reality of Jurisfiction from Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next saga, the exceptional/displace child vibe of series like the Chronicles of Narnia and/or the Dark is Rising, and adds a dash of the flavor of Morrison’s run on Sandman.


But this post really isn’t about the Infinite House, it’s about Jenny Everywhere: and and more specifically about Daniel Solis’ brainstorming about a game featuring Jenny and her kin:


I could see creating such a game, particularly since he’s handing out a core die mechanic:


The use of 2D6 puts me in mind of ICONS which I believe is under OGL. 

And the talk of pacing puts me in mind of my thoughts of using FATE Stress & Consequences as a pacing mechanic. (FATE itself being available for licensing.)


All of which is to say that a Jenny Everywhere game might be an interesting project for 2014. Anyone interested in joining the fun?



Other relevant links:




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