Setting Noodling – Part II – The Return


In the fullness of time, Odintala and Damkwibalch turned back to one another and were able to heal the homeland of the People.

The halflings were the first to return to the surface of Kerguelen, which is now known as Kenorland. They were small of stature but quick of mind and body. They tamed the plants that had sprung up in the ashes of the old world and planted seeds that they had saved from the time before. They made their homes in hills and carved fields out of the soil. By this time, they had among their numbers none who were bound to the old gods nor any who were bound to the element lords. So their numbers remained small despite their growth.

Next to emerge were the dwarves, from the depths of the earth. They had healers among their numbers and those bound to the earth, the mightiest of whom who could become like living stone. They were not used to the light of the sun and the open air, so few of them walked upon the surface of Kenorland. The dwarves and halflings lived in peace for a generation for they each understood the trials of living beneath the earth.

The memories of elves are long, but the memories of trees are longer.


When the time was right, the orcs returned to Kenorland, guided by the elves who walked among them. They brought the children of Artileo with them and animals returned in abundance to Kenorland. For a generation, orcs lived in peace among the halflings.  But the orcs did not understand the constrained ways of the dwarves and for two generations the two peoples turned their faces away from one another. The dwarves also turned their faces from the elves who had brought the orcs to Kenorland.

The orcs had among them healers who could offer the blessing of the old gods to plants, animals, and the peoples alike.  These healers kept the balance between the peoples and all creatures flourished.

Though they had been all but forgotten, shapeshifters also walked among the orcs. And then, they also walked among the dwarves and halflings, inspiring many tales told to children in the dark of winter and cold of night. These, too, helped to keep the balance between the people for three generations.

The memories of elves are long, but the memories of trees are longer.


Finally, when the time was right, nhumans returned to Kenorland, guided by the elves that walked among them. Nhumans (or men as they were called by the other peoples) had not forgotten the ways of the elements or those of the old gods. Among men walked healers of their own, who sought to teach the words of the old gods as they remembered them.  This caused much strife as the peoples each had their own words, but it also caused much healing as the peoples found much in common.

Also walking among men were magi, male and female, those who were bound to the elements.  Where these men walked, so walked strife, for each strove to prove his or her power superior to others of their kind. Many magi died within year of maturity. Those that survived to the graying of their hair were powerful indeed.

The magi, male and female alike, would teach their secrets to any who could meet their price.  And so it came to pass that magi walked among all the peoples, though some in greater frequency than others.

The memories of elves are long, but the memories of trees are longer.

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