Setting Noodling III – The Current State of Things

N’Humans have been on Kenorland for only about a decade and though they have arrived in non-trivial numbers, the five races (dwarves, halflings, orcs, n’humans, and elves) are more or less balanced in numbers. Elves are slightly less populous than the other races, but are not notably rare.

While there is some mistrust and prejudice, the races are not in conflict at a macro level. Any conflict that exists is at the individual level. There are bullies of various races who won’t forget old misconceptions, but most folks are accepting of other folks.

Kenorland is largely unpopulated, a frontier open to exploration and settlement. There are also a large numbers of ruins and lost relics for adventurers to discover. As a result, many small towns have sprung-up in-land, typically to support dungeon-crawling.

Though each individual is unique, a number of distinct “professions” have started to be recognized and grouped by the population. Open to all races are: healers, spell-slingers, shape-shifters, and tinkers. Tinker is a nice title for individuals who specialize in opening locks and disarming traps.

Each race also has a fairly unique archetype: Dwarven Earth-Borne, Elven Dryads (also known as Treants), N’Human Law (or Lore) Speakers, Orcish Beastmasters, and Halfling Hosts/Hostesses. Earth-Borne and Dryads can drawn on the strengths of their respective elements. Law Speakers are battle-trained healers. Beastmasters forge bonds with wild beasts. Hosts have gifts around providing food and comfort to their guests.

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