How the Eighth Ocean came to be.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been scribbling down bits of ideas that I’m starting to think may be the under-structure of something larger. What follows is a bit of mythology that might come from the urban fantasy setting I’m starting to percolate in my head.

In the beginning, there was the land and the seven seas. There was no sky above and no underworld below. The land was formed in seven parts, but no creatures walked about the land because there was no sky to hold them in.

Each sea was the domain of a different elder god. Each of these gods was mighty in their own right, able to create creatures, birth lesser gods, and foster followers. But despite their power, none of the elder gods could foster followers upon the land and so mankind remained in the depths.

In the fullness of time, the seven gods held a conclave and each gave up a portion of their power to wrap an eighth sea around the world and to create an eighth elder god to have dominion over this sky sea. EO was he Named and for a time, he stood among his brothers and sisters as an equal.

With the sky sea in place, mankind was able to walk upon the land and flourish. In time, eight tribes were formed, each worshiping one of the eight elder gods and their kin. To each of the tribes, a place was given, a land suitable to their worship.

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