A cross-over than should have never been born

In the mid-80s, one Doc Emmet Brown invented time travel. After a handful of adventures in the past and future in and around Hill Valley, California – he mastered movement through space and time and began travelling further afield.

One of his first stops was San Dimas, California where he inspired and in return was inspired by future time travelers Bill Preston and Ted Logan. Some time after this meeting, he made a time machine that was bigger on the inside and shaped like a phone booth.

Later, he travels to Sunnydale, California and learning of the Slayers and the Watchers, travels back to ancient time to ensure the first Slayer is created. (Much later, one of these Slayers will become his traveling companion.) As a side effect of creating the Watchers, he himself gained the ability to “regenerate”, restoring youth and vigor, whenever his body suffered sufficient damage.

Eventually, he makes his way to the 1930s where he meets one “Indiana” Jones and his father, Professor Henry Jones. His adventures with the pair lead to him seeking out similarly inclined men in other eras: James Bond, Jack Ryan, certain members of British royalty, Rick Deckard, and eventually travelling into the far distant past to meet a scruffy smuggler known as Han Solo.

(While in England, he develops a love for the country that will influence his legacy for a very long time to come.)

While in the distant past, Doc forms a new society on the planet of Gallifrey. He raises them out of the primitive warlike state and teaches them the secrets of time. Eventually, the title “The Doctor” becomes one of great importance to these Time Lords.

At some point, he takes a female Time Lord as a companion and returns to Earth. When they part ways, she takes on a number of different appearances and identities including “Mary Poppins” and “Lisa”.

After a very long career, he retires to run a candy company using the psuedonym “Willy Wonka”.