In honor of the Thin White Duke

Ziggy Warlock and the Spiders of Infinity
Ziggy Warlock is an artificial being created on Earth but who traveled into space after conflict with Terra’s heroes. After encountering several cosmic beings, Ziggy obtained the Soul Gem and after defeating the consort of Death, formed the Spiders of Infinity to protect the Infinity Gems. In addition to Ziggy Warlock, the Spiders of Infinity include: Bolder the Destroyer, Ga-Dana, Mick Woodragon, Mick the Troll, and a mysterious sixth member unknown to the others. At some point in the future, Ziggy Warlock will become the evil Aladdin Magus.

Jareth Pryor, the Goblin King
A clone of David Grey, Jareth was an off-and-on antagonist of the X-Men with a reputation for kidnapping infant siblings of known mutants. He dwells in a mystic Labyrinth in another realm.

Major Tom Victory
Lost in a space-walking accident in the 20th century, Major Tom Victory woke up over a thousand years later to lead a team of freedom fighting musicians: Mick T’Naga, a crystalline guitar player from Pluto; Captain Herbie-27, a bass player from Jupiter; and Yondu Cox, a blue-skinned drummer from Centauri-IV.